2016 Auditions

The 2016 season has kicked off with a bang with auditions starting at the Harare Central Prison on the 6th of April. The day was a success having a total of 21 acts participating inclusive of singers, dancers, drama and even martial arts. 


It was a much anticipated event both for the StarBrite crew, Harare Central Prison contestants and staff. The main objective of the show together with the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Service is to offer a platform for rehabilitation and reform through talent discovery and nurturing. This is achieved by providing opportunities for the prison communities to be actively involved in their rehabilitation and eventually to find their way back into society through talent growth.

The second day of auditions was held at Chikurubi Farm Prison on the 7th of April 2016. It was also a success with participating acts coming out in their numbers to take part in the show. These also included singers, dancers, art and comedians. 

It was however, unfortunate that we could not have any female contestants from Chikurubi this year considering that the 2015 non-singing category winner Kudzai Nyoka was a contestant from Chikurubi Female Prison. We do hope to have more females from prisons participating in the seasons to come.

Having realized the need to reach out to all parts of the country in search of talent, StarBrite in conjunction with Honourable Members of Parliament and Councilors has made an initiative to hold preliminary auditions at constituency level. This is a bid to enhance chances and opportunity for communities to bring out the talent they have and gain the exposure they need to grow that talent.

The first of such auditions was held in Dema, Seke on the 9th of April 2016 at The House of Samaz shopping mall. However, turnout was greatly affected by the weather and did not reach the expected numbers. Therefore the 30th of April was set to have auditions to try and capture all those that could not make it on the 9th of April. 

The StarBrite road show initiative is proving successful with many showing interest in partnering with the show for their constituencies. Honourable Member of Parliament for Kuwadzana, Mrs. Betty Nhamburo- Kaseke together with StarBrite coordinated a successful two day audition with mini – finals and a few emerging above the rest receiving various prizes. The event took place at the Kuwadzana 6 grounds from the 15th to the 16th of April 2016 and there was a huge turn out with more than 120 acts taking part in the competition on the first day.

Thirty six acts made it to the second round on the 16th and they battled it out giving their very best performances. This was a mixed bag with dancers, singers, poets across all genres for the judges to carefully pick out the best. Our judge’s panel consisted of Joe Machingura, an esteemed sound engineer and producer, Pah Chihera and Sekuru Prince accomplished musicians popular for their duo “Runonzi Rudo”.

However, there always has to be a winner and to present the prizes was none other than Honourable MP Betty Kaseke and her husband Mr. Karikoga Kaseke. There were tears of joy as contestants were awarded for their hard work and creativity in cash, phones and a holiday trip to the majestic Victoria Falls courtesy of the Kasekes. The occasion was also graced by fellow Members of Parliament from neighboring constituencies of Mufakose and Kambuzuma.  

All contestants that made it through to the second round of the Kuwadzana road show auditions automatically qualified for the second round of the main stream StarBrite. All the best and watch out for the StarBrite road show coming to your area soon.

The preliminary auditions in Dema were successfully held on the 30th of April 2016 at the House of Samaz mall, Dema shopping centre. People came out in their numbers to audition and showcase their different talents with more than 20 acts inclusive of singers, dancers and even comedians taking part. The judges were none other than Joe Machingura and Biggie Tembo Jnr.

We managed to have the finals on the same day, with those that had previously qualified from the 9th of April when we first went to Dema also taking part for the ultimate prize. All acts battled it out and the overall winner was a singer, Henry Bote walking away with $50, the first runner up was a dancer, Brennon Koffie receiving $30 and the second runner up being a singer again, Best Maridzanyere getting $20. 

It was a fun day for everyone and congratulations to all the contestants who made it to the second round of the main stream StarBrite.

The Highfield road show in partnership with Joy Centre was successfully held on the 10th and 12th of June 2016 at Club Joy Centre Pafio Machipisa – Highfield. 

The first day saw people coming in their numbers for registration. There were many different talents that were showcased which included singers, dancers, poets, comedians as well as unique special talents such as a bassist. 98 acts were witnessed throughout the competition. Day one experienced an ecstatic moment at the end as contestants who had participated and eagerly waited for results to be announced were called out and had made it to through the next level set for the 12th of June were announced and 46 acts made it through.  

The judges’ panel for day one comprised of Rap artist Stunner, the acclaimed “Dancehall father” Shinsoman, both of whom were born and bred in Highfield and Brian Masendeke, an established music producer. The second day judges panel was made up of the executive producer of the show Mr Barney Mpariwa, Jimmy who is part of “Extra Large” as well as Brian Masendeke. 

Individual performances from all contestants were very exciting with most of them giving their best.  On the second day the contestants opened the show with their group performances. Out of the 46 acts that had made it into the second round, further screening was conducted and the final number to join the second round of the main stream StarBrite was 30. Taking up the winners’ position for Highfields singing category was the dancehall empress, “To burn”. She scooped the prize and walked away with $20 cash and a voucher worth $30 redeemable at Crown Choice supermarket. The non-singing category was dominated by Charles and Roy who displayed an amazing instrument playing talent. The duo also received $20 cash as well as a $30 voucher redeemable at Crown choice supermarket. 

Special thanks to Highfields sponsors; Crown choice, Imperial security and Club Joy. We are also would like to acknowledge DJ Mbala and our judges; Stunner, Jimmy(X-Large), Brian Masendeke and Shinso.

Congratulations are in order for all the successful participants.

The StarBrite 2016 road show initiative went to Mufakose and auditions were conducted on the 17th and 18th of June 2016. The venue for day one was Samuriwo shopping area where set up and registration took place well in time for the auditions to start at 10:30am. The show witnessed high participation with over 90 acts taking part covering various talents including singing, dancing, comedy, poetry and even bike stunting among others. Many thanks go to Gwarimba Youth Affirmative Trust for coordinating pre-registration and mobilisation of contestants. 

The day one judges’ panel was graced by Brian Masendeke, a producer and vocal coach in the industry as well as Mzimba“The Chairman” and Pah Chihera who both stand as established artists. Together they managed to select twenty-nine of the very best acts to go through to the day two show scheduled to take place on the 18th of June. Also gracing the occasion was Honourable Member of Parliament for Mufakose Mr Mpariwa and several other invited guests. 

As per road show tradition, on the second day, the successful contestants had to come up with a group performance. They were given less than an hour to work on group performances which they introduced as the opening sequence of the show. The group performance adequately covered all talents which ranged from singing, dancing, poetry as well as bike stunting in a collective manner to help encourage group work.  

This was followed by individual performances as the contestants battled it out for the first prize. To decide who was to walk away with the winning grand prize were the judges who consisted of Pah Chihera, Mzimba “the Chairman” and Tsitsi Mdhokwani. Babra Kwindima was the winner for the singing category and the dance group “Surprise” won the non-singing category respectively. They both walked away with grocery hampers courtesy of Spar Magandanga Mufakose. 

We would like to thank Mufakose local sponsors for making the event successful, we acknowledge Pahwaringira, Spar Magandanga, Savemor Mufakose, Gwarimba Youth Affirmative, Robert Muromba, Imperial Security, Tick Forward and 4 May.

Special thanks to DJ Mbala and our judges; Tsitsi Mdhokwani, Mzimba and Pah Chihera.

Congratulations to our winners and all those who made it to the second round of the main stream StarBrite.

The StarBrite Roadshow auditions in Kariba were a success and things went really well. It was a great time for the StarBrite family in the small town of Kariba, formerly known as Kariva which is also a focus for tourism. This was our first time holding auditions in Kariba ever since the birth of the show. It was a privilege to have the councilor of the resort town, the Kariba municipality, Enoch Mudziringa as our guest of honor for the 2-day auditions.


We travelled about 365 kilometers from Harare taking the StarBrite Roadshow to Kariba and held auditions at Pagomo Grill. We set up for day 1 auditions on the 25th of June 2016 near the site of the massive hydro-electric dam constructed across the Zambezi River in the 1950s, Lake Kariba. Hundreds of people thronged the place coming from different parts of this small and spread-out resort town and this time, definitely not coming for tourism activities centered on the lake, but for StarBrite auditions which was very gratifying. About 70 contestants of all ages stood up for different performances in which music was most dominant and particularly Zim dancehall being the most popular genre. It was a fair time for the 3 judges Brian Masendeke from Harare, Aisha Kelly and Abigail Makombe from Kariba as they scrutinized contestants and only 26 made it into the next round for Day 2 auditions. Among the 26 contestants left were 23 singers, 2 dance groups and 1 poetic duo consisting of young poets both aged 6 making it to the next round.


On the 26th of June, the remaining 26 contestants and the rest of the people teamed up for an opening link which was performed very well to get the show started for day 2. It was amazing how the stars utilized their chances to impress both the judges and the lively audience. Some did well and some went down the drain as they could not raise the bar higher for a stiffer competition.


Only 15 contestants made it into the StarBrite competition mainstream in which they partly competed for money vouchers particularly for the Kariba show but yet remaining in the mainstream for the bigger competition. The selected top five contestants could rock the boat but could not sink Sheila Nabati who finally became the winner of the grand prize money in the singing category. The non-singing category also got an equal share as the winners, a dance trio called Ghetto Vibers walked away with money voucher.


The StarBrite family is however grateful to the people who took their time to make the Kariba auditions a success. We extend our gratitude to Sam Mawawo, Calton Makwasha, Eddy Tsungo, Samson Coffee, Caroline Dhaula Mwedzi and Kezzy Sibanda who made up the organising committee for the event. Our judge’s panel had Brian Masendeke, Mrs. Mkombe and Mrs. Kelly. We also would like to thank Pagomo Grill for their kind assistance on transport and logistics, Kariba Aqua Waters for supplying mineral water, Dr G Muza and Inter Africa Medical Center for fuel, Mr.Kirthy for the venue, Cutty Sark Hotel, Lake Harvest, Luna Lodge, ZV Hotel for accommodation, Mr. Samson Coffee for food, Ponyongo Transport, Sunrise Tour, Mr. Tinashe Mujuru of Patsaka Radio Station for administration and transport as well as Netsai for assisting us with decor. All the above mentioned and the rest of the Kariba community are appreciated for partnering with StarBrite to make the 2-day event a success.  

The StarBrite train keeps cruising, stars have been discovered and The Roadshow goes on. Come and run with us as we seek to discover and promote talents of any art form.

StarBrite, It's Your Time To Shine!


The StarBrite Roadshow initiative is making an enormous impact on the Zimbabwean arts industry by discovering and promoting talent. Having introduced the StarBrite Roadshow, the initiative also reached out to Glenview and Budiriro in search of talent which was a huge success. The Glenview/Budiriro auditions took place at Tichagarika Shopping Center in Glenview 3 on the 1st  and the finals on the 2nd  of July 2016 at the same venue. Stars from both Glenview and Budiriro clearly got the platform they sought for.


On day 1, 90 contestants from both Budiriro and Glenview took part showcasing their talents in front of a large audience. Our judges, Brian Masendeke and Tanda Nashe managed to select only 36 acts on day 1 who proved they deserved to get into the next round. As Day 2 auditions kicked off, artists collaborated and executed an impressive opening sequence they had written and composed together. Finally 20 contestants made it into the StarBrite mainstream. Among the 20 were also 4 outstanding acts that walked away with prizes sponsored by Crown Choice. In the non-singing category, Chantell Manesa, a young female poet won a wardrobe and in the singing category, the young energetic Zimdancehall singer Blessing Ngwarira (Jah Bee) won himself a bed and also a recording at Gullyview Records. There was a tie in which a cultural music duo “Radioactive” and also Shelter Vurayayi, a songbird held the second position in the singing category. These two acts had to consider sharing a goat. As the show goes on, the StarBrite family would like to thank the Glenview community for supporting this initiative.

Special thanks to Crown Choice for sponsoring with a bed, wardrobe and a goat, Tichagarika Nightclub, Imperial security, Gullyview Records for the tent and recording contract for the winner of the singing category, It would have been tougher without the judges Brian Masendeke and Tanda Nashe to whom we are thankful for selecting the finalists. Our MC Langton Matsiga from Crown Choice and not forgetting Frighton Nota from Gwarimba Youth Affirmative for making the event a success. The road show still goes on, watch this space.

StarBrite, It’s Your Time To Shine!

As the show proceeds, we took the road show to Mutoko where the auditions successfully took place at Mutoko Centre on the 16th -17th of July 2016. This was our first time in Mutoko searching for talent ever since the birth of StarBrite. We set up for day 1 auditions in front of Muchi Hyper as 76 contestants lined up to participate.We were delighted with the turnout and our show proved to be quite popular as it attracted hundreds of viewers on both days.On day 1, our energetic contestants put on great performances in which music was the most popular genre with a few other acts doing poetry, dance and a special beat-boxing category setting the motion for the following day.Our judges namely Shantel Mhlanga, Tichaona Mudzinganyama and the producer/director himself Barney Mpariwa and  34 contestants qualified into day 2 competition.


On day 2, the contestants composed a catchy opening sequence in which they sang together in harmony claiming “KwaMutokokunobvamatalents”. This was enough to get the battle started for the finals. Our contestants took turns presenting their talents at the center of the town in the Mashonaland East Province. Our judges however, did what they know best further cutting the number of acts from 34 down to 15 who could not fall behind hence made it into the on-going 2016 competition.


A poet named Simon Mukuwani became the winner in the non-singing category and Mitchell Jacob also won in singing category. Each one of them grabbed a T-shirt, Umbrella, key ring sponsored by Mutoko Traders FC (Madamburo) and cash prizes on top. Among the prizes was also a dinner for two for the female singer whilst Simon Mukuwani had a dinner for one all sponsored by Nyamakwere lodges.


Our special thanks goes to Mutoko Traders FC (Madamburo) for sponsoring with the T-shirt, Umbrella and key ring, Nyamakwere lodges for the dinners. Muchi Hyper and Mutandihwa Park also partnered with us to make the event successful. We also thank our judges Shantel Mhlanga, Tichaona Mudzinganyama and Mr. Mpariwa and not forgetting the rest of the Mutoko community for supporting the arts.


StarBrite, it’s your time to shine!!!


The StarBrite crew (2016) has successfully conducted road shows in Kuwadzana, Mufakose, Kariba and Glen View among others. Last week, auditions were held in Mbare auditions on the 29th and 30th of July. The auditions were held at Panjere Yesadza Club Joy, were spectators enjoyed themselves through entertainment from various talents.

Day one got off to a flying start as the StarBrite team was overwhelmed by eager contestants who were anxious not only to be discovered but eager to impress, participate and represent their community.

 Mbare contestants exhibited diverse talents in the form of poetry, comedy, gymnastics, contemporary dance, drama and not forgetting singing. Despite the fact that Mbare is said to be the cradle of the Zimdancehall, contestants showed flexibility before the judges Bounty Lisa, Bonto man and Aya T. Chigz.  However, at the end of the day the best was selected from the rest which left 27 contestants chosen to move on to the next round.

On the 30th of July, the remaining stars raised the tempo a notch higher as they teamed up for a sizzling group performance which left the audience asking for more. The StarBrite stand got a great response on day two in terms of attendance from the Mbare community. Many people came to witness who would walk away with the coveted prizes and the bragging rights of representing Mbare in the national competitions.

 15 contestants qualified to represent Mbare. Out of these stars, two came out shining the brightest that is Elvis Sibanda (15) who scooped the cash prize in the singing category with his catchy Zimdancehall tunes and Moscow Mahachi (30) in the non singing category to grab. 

The event ended in a crescendo as Bonto man, Bounty Lisa and the evergreen Potato tore up the stage to leave the fans begging for more. 

The StarBrite family would like to express their deepest gratitude to people who got out of their way to make the Mbare auditions a success. We would like to thank Unifresh Butchery, Passion Press, Imperial Security and Panjere Yesadza Club Joy for partnering with us to make Mbare a resounding success, not forgetting the StarBrite team for the efficiency and dedication.


Congratulations to all the stars from Mbare for making it in the mainstream of StarBrite.