2015 Finals Boot Camp


Just as any athlete who is to embark on a big tournament, he or she is supposed to be in camp before the competition. It was the same with the StarBrite finalist as they went for their boot camp at Mabvazuva Village from 20 – 22 December 2015.

Mabvazuva Village with its state of art facilities provided the best home away from home for both the contestants and the crew. However it was not a holiday for the contestants as they were expected to work extra hard. 

The Executive Director of StarBrite Barney Mpariwa gave the welcome remarks and he highlighted that the main reason for the boot camp was to allow the contestants to concentrate fully on their given assignments. Amongst the assignments were to increase the social network platform like facebook likes. They had to write scripts for their music videos, bring costumes. Each activity had a specific station set aside. Some stations had full internet access and others with all the other amenities. The finals will see the finalists perform a medley of Hope Masike and the late Chiwoniso Maraire.

Indeed for one to become a star he or she needs motivation and inspiration and the organizers of the boot camp had this on the list. Rabison Shumba and Christine Nyerende were invited to fuel up the passion in the contestants as they delivered speeches full of inspiration and motivation. 

Rabson Shumba highlighted on the issue of playing to win and noted that it was important for the contestants to play their part in achieving their goals and not wait for someone hence the aspect of working hard emphasized. Christine Nyerenda spoke on personal grooming and she said it is what makes one shine the way superstars do.

Musicians who are already in the industry also came and inspire the emerging artists which saw Cynthia Mare and Cindy Munyavi give an account of their personal experiences in the industry. 

The scenic view of Mabvazuva Village provided the best locations for the contestants to shoot their music videos at. 

The last day of the boot camp saw the contestants appreciating what they had grasped during the three days in camp with some now understanding that even the punishments they were given was meant to nature and mould them in to disciplined artist in the future.

Overall the boot camp was a success since many programs went as planned and now the contestants are set to battle it out in the finals which are scheduled for the end of year.