Petros Sipuno (Singing Category)

Contestant: 1438
Province: Bindura

My name is Petros Sipuno from Bindura contestant number 1438.Im the second born in a family of four, two boys and two girls’ .My father passed away on 16 November2009. I have a wife and a 5 year beautiful daughter. I like to watch movies and meditate and to be busy; I don’t like to eat too much and don’t want to see my family struggling. I get inspiration from God and from my family, the way I grew up not have enough food in the house no school fees no clothes for Christmas all these things motivates me so much .when I came to StarBrite I thought I would make it easy I thought I’m the best I know everything but I’m seeing now that I was fooling myself .I learnt more staff whilst we were at boot-camp, I learn how to sing even to play my on guitar, body exercises, togetherness, working as a team, punctuality, hygiene I learnt a lot thanks to the StarBrite team Mr Mpariwa .Even if I will not make it to the next levels I know how to do with things how to communicate.