Shalom Karaga (Singing Category)


I am Shalom Karaga by Zimbabwean I'd originally named Volcaniy Veritas Brown. 18 years of age. I am a multi- talented body; I am a hip hop singer and rapper, vocalist, model, presenter, actress, dancer and film music writer. Family is part of life so I live with mother and a little brother who is named McMillan Joshua Brown Karaga. I being focused, working hard and clicking with people of my same mindset who think and act beyond expectations. I dislike low energy and negative attitude for it may cause me to lose confident and my ambition. My ambition is to profit in everything despite failing I regard it as learning.

I also want to prove and eradicate the sense that woman cannot do anything as to do it I myself. I also want to help the world in certain aspects especially helping girls. My motivation comes straight from the image I see when I look in the mirror and people who try to discourage me on my trials. As to my journey to StarBrite is far , I have learnt a lot , beeping courageous ,strong ,enduring and working with others despite our differences. I had a very good impact on life and behaviour in this competition, I am now a role model to my community admired by a lot of young people and looking forward to be a good role model within the planet.