Nomagugu Ncube (Singing Category)

My name is Nomagugu Ncube. I am 25 years old. I was born in Bulawayo and I’m the only child. Currently staying in Harare with my friend, more of a sister now though I am two weeks older than her .I love reading and watching movies. Just prefer being indoors. My journey on StarBrite has been quite challenging, considering the fact that i was never really that confident about my singing. Every time I auditioned I would just forget my lines in the middle of a song but I think I got better each day. I’m still working on myself. StarBrite made me realise that I have been too lazy.

There are a lot of things I gave up on in life because i was afraid to try, always thought I wasn’t good enough. Then StarBrite happened. Me being a Semi -finalist is a big deal. I never knew I was that good; I have finally got out of my shell. I don’t really get support from family but only friends. My father is got to know I can sing recently and he doesn’t really show much interest. I don’t mind because my friends show me the support i need and they motivate me, encourage me to work harder. I pray that I win StarBrite. Actually I will do my best to win it. I want to be an Ambassador of StarBrite. Make it bigger than what it is getting more sponsors. Of course that would take a lot of hard work and determination but I know it’s possible. I want to represent it well and set a standard. I honestly think every company in Zimbabwe and outside must sponsor StarBrite at has to be bigger than Idols, and of-course I pray that I win StarBrite so that I can have a stand...a house i call home. If I win and get a stand and bricks only that will be enough for me.