Brighton M. Muzunze (Singing Category)

Name: BRIGHTON M MUZUNZE .Contestant number: 1223 from Bulawayo. Family: l am the last born in a family of 10 (3 boys and 7 girls) one sister passed away. A Christian family living with my mother, my father passed away. All sisters married with children Likes- dancing, singing, playing instruments, listening to music. Dislikes - jogging and watching Television. Favourite dish - Sadza and Matemba. Ambitious - l will like to help people who are in need when I get some money, l dream of being a Singer who is popular in radio and Television.

Also l will like to open a music singing academy. What motivates me- Am motivated by the struggles we had as we grew up. So I want to be great and subject my family to poverty. What I have learnt the following1. I have learnt how to compose music2. l have learnt how to record music in the studio, the processes involved.3. l have learnt how to relate with people. My Journey so far: My journey has been challenging but I have managed to overcome the obstacles. Especially the experience of the mud pool during the boot camp.