Liege Mudarikwa (Singing Category)

Name: Liege Mudarikwa Region :South Region Contestant Number :1215My name is Liege (21) known by peers as Trizzy and come from a family of  four .I only have one sibling ,my sister who now stays in Cape Town ,South Africa. I currently leave with my parents V. Mudarikwa and J. Mudarikwa alongside my baby nephew who recently turned one year, in Bulawayo. I am a singer, songwriter producer and instrumentalist (mostly drums and also bass guitar and keyboard) who started my music journey from an early age since the whole family is musical.

I like listening to good music, watching horror and comedy movies but most of my time is consumed writing music, making beats and recording. I have a strong dislike to fake people and death .I have great ambitions, I see myself being the greatest star of all time (worldwide) to have originated from Africa in the near future. Being on StarBrite Zimbabwe impacted my work ethic tremendously, I also learnt how to make new friends and work with other people besides my Day One friends. I also learnt how to get back up and never give up from participating at the boot-camp.