Tatenda Madzima (Singing Category)

My name is Aston Tatenda Madzima, a boy aged 21.l was born on the 11th of May 1996 in a family of four in which l am the second born. My family originated from Zvimba. Both my parents passed away when l was 10 years old in 2006.I am currently staying with my uncle in Arcturus. In academic arena l obtained many O level subjects and 11 points at A level and it is my dream that the day l will overcome my financial challenges will. Pursue a degree in Music and Musicology so that my musical career would have a strong base. I usually enjoy singing, playing soccer and reading articles’ dislike any act of disappointment and being a failure. My ambition is to become an international figure as far as music is concerned and to assist upcoming artists from all angles.

My motivation comes from my own background and from other musicians such as Munyaradzi Munodawafa who shares the same humble background with me and showed me that it is possible to become a public figure no matter your background. I'm now a StarBrite semi-finalist contestant number 1415 and can define my journey on StarBrite as an "eye opener" and "road map to success" not only in music but all facets of life. From StarBrite I'm no longer the same Aston but someone who wants to take the world by storm. I am now well focused, aggressive and a man of integrity.