Raphael Hove (Singing Category)

My name is Raphael Hove contestant number 1055 from Kadoma and I am singer from Kadoma. Born in a family of six boys I went to Shaw primary school before finishing off at Inkomo high school and Prince Edward high for my secondary education. Had a stint in the air force of Zimbabwe before resigning to pursue my degree. Being a down to earth person i like having fun with friends and researching not to let alone playing basketball during weekends.

If I should dislike something maybe someday I shall hang around people who look down upon others or rumour around. my journey with StarBrite has managed to make me close to achieving my second ambition of being a renowned singer, especially with its programmes such as the boot-camp for contestants where budding artists get to go through the first phases an artist should go past to be a role model once his or her career hits a high. Through its assignments, it has given me the 'being responsible' attitude towards our communities by trying to help disadvantaged schools attain some things they cannot afford. StarBrite, it’s your time to shine.nd family. It has united people with a similar life story of strained family relations. It has made us visualize on one goal and we are grateful in many ways.