Sailos Gumunyu (Singing Category)

Sailos Gumunyu. Contestant number 280.Born in Harare on the 19th of June 1980 in a family of three. Sailos is a graphic designer who developed the love of music from a very tender age of 10.

He is affectionately known as Sinyoro a name derived from his Shona totem. Gumunyu has recorded a number of demos in musical genres ranging from hip hop, r n b, afro jazz as well as afro pop; unfortunately he was heavily affected by financial constraints to really cut it in the music industry. Silas has a unique ability of using different languages in his compositions he can sing in English, Shona, Ndebele and Chewa.

Gumunyu's music has potential in appealing to a wider cross-over audience both in and beyond borders. Silas is currently serving a 24 month jail sentence for pharmaceutical assault he is due to be released on the 9th of March 2018.He is greatly inspired by the music of ChionisoMaraire,AndyBrown,RichardBona,HughMasekela,ThandiswaMazwai,Stimela and the Eagles. Sailos is a non-smoker who keeps fit by exercising regularly.