Piwayi Tsawayo (Dancehall Category)

My name is Piwayi Tsawayo, Contestant number 681 from Shamva. I was born on the 12 0f September 1993 in a Family of five, with me being the last born child. I have two siblings, one sister and a brother. I grew up in Gwanda, i did my Primary Level there at Mount Cazalet Primary then i relocated to Bindura where I did my Secondary studies at Hermann Gmeiner High School from 2006 to 2009. I later transferred to Mavuradonha High School to supplement my O Levels and I also did my A level studies there. As I grew up I was strong Church Choir Member at Anglican Church that is where my passion for music started.

During those times i stayed with a fellow who listened to a lot of Reggae Conscious music, I also fell in love with the Genre. Knowing that i possessed a good voice it became my biggest ambition to venture into music and specialise in reggae. Since i was a church boy it was difficult for me to do reggae music because of the perception people have towards the genre, reggae dancehall being a genre fond of many youths, i saw it as an opportunity to minister to the young generation like me through dancehall and reggae since it was a genre followed by many young ones. So this year 2017 has been a great year for me musically, I became part of StarBrite.

And during my course there until now I’ve learnt a lot. Going to StarBrite at first to me was a trial. I just attempted but as i progressed level by level I realised that this was big deal, I never knew I had that potential which I later discovered at StarBrite. I give all the credit to Mr Burney Mpariwa and the StarBrite team for building and nurturing me into a musician who i am today. Though I might not have done anything tangible for now by at Karumazondo boot camp i was given enough information and amour to take me throughout my musical endeavours.