Makarekare (Dance Category)

Just about 60km from Harare is one unique village where culture is respected situated in the eastern part of Zimbabwe, Murehwa is the village where culture dance of Jerusalem is greatly portrayed and safe guarded. Pioneered by our forefathers long before era of Mbuya  Nehanda, Jerusalem is  practised on ceremonial occasions (especially in marital activities) this dance however symbolise the process where by a male individual performs to attract the female. This is portrayed by skilful dances songs and   clapping. If successful the male partner is shown by protecting its female from any counter.

This was practised from long time ago to the point where Makare Kare traditional dance formed in the year 2002 in Goromonzi. For it to be classified as Jerusalem there should be both male and female participants in the group there are 15 members comprising 10 males and 5 females throughout the journey we have managed to secure lime light through our participation in the nation's activities and mostly in our home town.

Before we were noticed we had challenges of financial, muscle and exposure to the outside community to the extent that some, who understand this quest, portrayed us as inexperienced and incapable. This however made us strong and we strived on with our dream .Our prayer was answered when the National Arts of Zimbabwe representatives came to our rescue in 2009. This team comprises of the, Arts chairperson (Oliver Chauke) where realised that is more for Jerusalem than that meets the eye.

This come after Jerusalem was declared a Master piece in the 1960s with it becoming the Zimbabwe broadcasting news national beat (the beat is played on opening or closing of the news with this development of Jerusalem being on the national map it had to be endorsed to the nation as a whole. Through Carter (he played the first drumbeat of Jerusalem that is one played on the news broadcast) is the first pioneer of our art. This is where we were brought to the game by the National Arts council that saw us going for our Major event at Chibuku Neshamwari Arts Competitions In 2009. That is when our journey of action started within the financial setback we still could not make it arts this however concentrated with the illiterate state that saw us stay at the same sport.If possible we are looking forward to be improving on our journey with the help of workshops, competitions and also we are trying to learn from our participation in the art programmes of the nation we excel in the Star Brute competitions, our vision as a group (is endorse workshops building our own culture premise and also teach coming generations for the art of last for the coming life.