Chantelle Manesa (Poet Category)

A hater of arrogance and gossips ,a lover of humility ;uniqueness ;nature ;the gift of life and love !Talk of that fighter; that dreamer ;that seer of change; that powerhouse and that strongest voice of poetry motivated by the love of language; a stunted background ;a  natural observing capacity and a universal voice ,talk of me.

Born Chantelle Manesa from an average family of seven ,having attended Glen View I High School it is quiet enticing to note that I have always been ambitious ;resilient ;stoical ;selfless; dedicated and humble  in a journey of self- discovery henceforth  I have taken a lot of affinity in writing and reciting works of art merely linked to my day to day experience of life ! To date I have a collection of 114 handwritten  poems in fascicles it is my mere wish to publish them in 2017 if sponsorship is catered for .In retrospect am looking forward to introduce an initiative or a trust meant to uplift poetic and spoken word  voices.