Thandokuhle Sibanda (Poet Category)

My name is Thandokuhle Sibanda aged 18.I'm the last born in a family of four comprising of two boys and two girls. I was raised by my mother as a single parent. I started doing poetry when I was in form two, about four years ago and it has since become a part of me. I like writing a lot, listening to music and being around people who appreciate and care for me and I love pie. I don't like arrogant people and I really don't like being alone.

My mother and the idea of what life could be if I did what I do best is what keeps me going. StarBrite has played a huge role in helping me build myself and realize my potential. I'm surely a better person and artist. I would really love to redefine confidence amongst many other things. Through my art i want people to know that in as much as we live amongst people it doesn't always have to be about them and what they think. A little "selfishness" is necessary.  I've also grown to love economics and I hope to change a few things through those skills. Above all else i want to be a successful woman who lives past gender and feminism.