Vimbiso Dewa (Junior Category)

I go by the name Vimbiso Dewa and I am aged eleven. I come from a family of four, being the third born. I like writing poems, speeches and presenting them, gospel music, meeting new people, challenging myself, travelling and watching local dramas among other hobbies. I dislike wild parties, noise, drugs and alcohol just but to mention a few. I aspire to become a cutting edge, internationally recognized inspiring orator as well as to become a pharmacist.

My journey with StarBrite has been tremendous; I have learnt to operate under pressure. to interact with others, to endure, to tolerate, to manage time, to remain focused, to believe in myself, to be confident and to respect and value others just to mention a few.

StarBrite has brought a positive impact on my life and has turned my life around through the provision of a stage to showcase, nurture and develop my talent. Albert Nyati is my role model; his poetry inspires and motivates me alongside my mother’s support and advice. My sister is yet another great inspiration to me, I am following in her footsteps and hope to go further