Southern Region Bootamp 2017

The StarBrite 2017 Bulawayo boot camp was held at Masiye Camp in Matopos. The camp was a phenomenal, diversity was the talk of the day as one got to experience the various languages spoken in Zimbabwe, Ndebele and Shona among them. The contestants came in numbers, their ages ranging from as young as 9 to 33 years. The panel of judges consisted of Ba Shupi, Pamela and Brian Masendeke.


The first day which was Saturday 7 October was characterized by a morning filled with exercise, physical fitness to be precise as the coaches had the motive of gathering the contestants geared up and ready for action. After exercise the contestants went for auditions and each individual got a chance to showcase and bring to the floor what they had. Diversity was the order of the day as the performers consisted of singers, dancers, poets, magicians and cyclists.


Sunday the contestants had routine auditions under the panel of judges. Monday meant business as the contestants went for a gruesome morning exercise at 5 am and some wanted to quit .The drivers behind such were Coach TB, Coach Tapiwa, Coach Lizzy and Coach Phil. From physic the contestants moved to vocals with Coach Brian then it was back to some duet performances and exercise.


Tuesday, routine was characterized by the morning physical fitness as usual which included a 10 km jog .From exercise, it was auditions, then contestants had a thrill where they had an exercise that had them walking on a rope. Tuesday was rich with both pain and fun as the contestants had fun at the mud pool where they got baptized in mud .Later some were saddened as their  colleagues had to return home after the elimination round.


On Wednesday one could see the glowing faces of the remaining contestants. However all fun comes at a price as the contestants had a gruelling 3 hr exercise that left them haggard. Later on the contestants had fun on the zip line, then it was auditions and a group performance whereby all the contestants worked as a team and performed the "I was here "song by Beyonce.


Thursday, the contestants had the joy of having the crew join them on the 20 km run, as the crew were being punished. From the morning exercise the contestants finished their individual interviews with Mr Mpariwa. Thursday henceforth marked the end of the boot camp and the contestants returned to their homes with the true ideals of a performing artist.