Starbrite First Street Campaign

They say first impressions count the most, and this adage is very relevant to talent spotting and development.  At StarBrite presentation counts loads.  Developing talent leads to them joining the celebrity sphere which inevitably means being role models.  It is therefore imperative that our members appreciate that the way they present themselves has a direct correlation to how they are perceived and more so how StarBrite is seen by the public.  We have a role to play, and one of the virtues we inculcate in our talent is responsibility to the society; the individual as well as organisation’s responsibility to the community.


Harare, the Sunshine City seems to have lost its shine. Our once celebrated streets of the CBD are no longer a marvel to the eye.  From the 24th to 29th of March, the StarBrite team in conjunction with its partners will embark on a cleaning initiative to bring back the star-shine in the capital city. StarBrite will partner with various landscape companies to help plant a wide array of flowers along 1st street, repair broken pavements, repaint and replace garbage cans and for the entire week there will be no vendors allowed along 1st Street. We insist together with our partners to provide safe working conditions, safe shopping environment and respect for each other; the general citizenry adhere to certain social responsibilities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Although the country has grown in many respects through economy empowerment, technology, and population, cleanliness and general maintenance is an area in which our streets are suffering the most. People are inconsiderate towards their public space polluting it in every way possible – from spitting to hurling rubbish materials, urinating on the streets. It is not just the street kids but the illegal vendors and ordinary people. 1st street once a jewel of the city is no exception.  Very few people today think that litter is a problem at all. Majority of Hararians are used to throwing trash on the road. In fact, 1st street doubles up as a business hub (formal and informal) and home to many homeless kids. Nearly 60% of the illegal vendors and the street kids are found to defecate in public as a result of lack of proper toilet facilities. The question is what are you doing about it? Very soon most businesses will be forced to move out of the CBD due to this problem. Some have already done so.


The primary focus of this initiative is on developing a sense of citizen responsibility to address specific societal issues, such as environment, community economic development, education, health etc.  We all recall the cholera epidemic in the recent past history of our beautiful city.  Everyone has a responsibility to make sure that it does not happen again.


We are honoured to have distinguished citizens taking part in this initiative: StarBrite patron: Hon Walter Mzembi (Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry).  Need we remind you that his Ministry has the task of marketing the country to the outside world and they appreciate first impression.


a)      Hon Saviour ‘Tyson’ Kasukuwere (Minister for Environment Water and Climate)).  The environment is his may remit and concern


b)      The City Father: HE Mayor Manyenyeni whose mandate is to lead the development of the city.


It’s a social responsibility challenge to us all so if you feel and believe that 1st street belongs to you, your business, then join StarBrite from the 24th-29th of March for a clean-up campaign, replanting of flowers, repainting and replacement of bins and repairing of some of the pavements. The leadership is with us, please come join us on this joyous and noble campaign. 


Let’s keep our city clean, one street at a time and it begins with 1st street. We look forward to making this an annual event, setting aside a whole week of citizen cleaning programme. Iwe neni  tine basa rekushongedza guta redu.

Your partnership in the following areas is appreciated: T-Shirts, bottled water, gloves, manpower, Billboards with a message of anti litter campaign, garbage cans. An endorsement from you will help send a strong voice to the City Fathers the custodians of all the streets in the City about our simple message. Let us keep Harare clean. It is a message that we intent to lobby with all stake holders one street at a time and we are saying “it begins with you”

StarBrite is committed to this project and we hope you will join us as we try to put the shine back to 1st street. StarBrite it’s your time to shine!!!!