2015 Semi Finals

StarBrite season this year has been dedicated in honor of Chiwoniso Maraire and the semi finals saw 24 contestants battling it out to book a place in the finals. The colorful event was held at Mabvazuva Village in Msasa on the 31st October and 1st of November 2015.

The first night, Chiwoniso tribute saw the contestants sing songs from the late Mbira Queen album Ancient voices. All the four categories i.e. Singing, Poetry, Dancing and Special category had their performances themed around the Chiwoniso factor.  

The second night took a slight shift from the previous one as this one was filled with glitz and glamour. Contestants were to perform their own composed songs hence one had to make the best stage appearance and chose the wardrobe that would paint the actual picture that would tally with their performances.

Special category was excluded on the second night which comprised of beat boxing and painting.

After all the contestants had done their acts an average of the two days was calculated and the finalist chosen, that moment which many had been actually waiting for finally arrived and it saw 15 contestants making it into the finals and the rest bidding farewell to the competition what a tough time it was.

The battle lines have been drawn and those who made it into the finals are set to meet at the finals boot camp where they are to be given the finals assignments. All we can say is good luck to all the finalists.