Starbrite Mentors

John Cole

John Cole Is One Of The Top Dance Choreographers In Zimbabwe And Has 7 Years’ Experience Under His Belt As A Choreographer, Teacher, Mentor,
Pioneer/Legend Of Hip-hop In Zimbabwe. Versatile and Skilled In Various Genres of Dance. Currently Choreographs For Dynamic Artists: Amara Brown, Sebastian
Magacha, Mudiwa Hood, and Bernie Bismark Music. John Choreographed And Coached The National Team For Hip-hop (House Of Stone) Under His Guidance, Zimbabwe Won Battle Of The Year Africa And Represented Africa At The World Tournament Of Dance In France.

J Cole Dance Studio's Run Outreach Programs with Street Kids for HIFA. Has Performed With International Artists Brick N Lace, Joe Thomas,
Freshly Ground, Pokémon And Last4One, Umoja And Created The First Flash Mob Dance For Coca Cola.
John Cole Has Judged Numerous Dance Competitions In Zimbabwe. Has Won Many Dance Competitions And Awards.


Brian Masendeke

Founder of VibezGate Entertainment Co., Artist/Co.Producer at Psalmbak Music Production Label ( South Africa & Nigeria ). He is also the brand ambassador of Afro Essence TV. ( UK ). A singer,song-writer, vocal coach,composer, lyricist and music director/producer who has worked and helped a lot of artists including the likes of Cindy Munyavi, Rumbie Zvirikuzhe , Mike Bere and many upcoming musicians.Brian better known as Vion Afro MusiQ has also been the vocal consultant/ tutor  and judge for the Starbrite Zim Talent Show since 2012 to date.Furthermore, he was mentored by Andrew Baird, Pastor Bonnie Deauschle, Carol Wutawunashe and Mr Gezi from Zimbabwe College of Music.Lastly, a member of Celebration Choir and currently working on his solo album which is due to be released this year. Vion Afro MusiQ is also an Accounting&Finance Consultant at ITM Accounting Consultants and an entrepreneur. To make music is innate to him therefore he enhanced his talent and now he has a 4 & 1/2 Octave vocal range and his style of singing varies from soft rock, blues, neo-afro pop and afro jazz.


Cynthia Mare Biography


Award winning singer, songwriter, Cynthia Mare was born in Hurungwe, Zimbabwe in the 80’s. (Awards won include BEFFTA AWARDS UK 2011 - BEST AFRIACN FEMALE PERFORMER, ZIM ACHIEVERS AWARDS, 2012 BEST FEMALE , ZIM AWARDS 2011 – BEST FEMALE IN MUSIC.) 

She is the first born of Solomon Mare, a businessman who had a Contraction and Joinery company and her mother Enita Charewa is an Accountant. Cynthia’s parents divorced when she was 5years old.Both parents remarried and had other children, all girls. Subsequently Cynthia has 7sisters!

She grew up in two families of her mother and father, Harare and Bindura. This is something Cynthia found very tough to cope with as she was always between parents.

“At the aged of 5 I told my dad I wanted to be a singer and he forbade me as he believed I should become a doctor or lawyer etc, I don’t think he wanted his little girl spending time singing for people instead of studying”. That did not put Cynthia off!

While at mom’s Cynthia went to AFM church in Manhenga, Bindura and soon was in the praise and worship team singing leading on a variety of songs. She loved singing and church was a place she could express herself through song.

She schooled at Vinona Primary School, Haig Park Primary, Senoia Primary and St Dominic’s Chishawasha Secondary and Herman Gmeiner Secondary. 

Aged 16 Cynthia moved to the UK with her dad’s family. Although her parents had divorced Cynthia’s father still played his part in her life and subsequently moved with her to the UK. She went straight to BCUC University obtaining a diploma in Pediatric Nursing. All the while the dream of becoming a singer was still alive. While at university, Cynthia was introduced to an Independent record label, Outnumbered, and was signed on a three single deal. She recorded the first song but before the release the CEO became seriously ill. The project was put on hold, never to be seen to again.

Cynthia continued singing and soon met fellow Zimbabweans Tony Mliswa and Myren who were very keen on music. They made two videos for Cynthia and the song Mama got several thousand youtube views at the time. In 2004 Cynthia began to work with UK producer Krunchie, who produced songs like ‘Say Goodbye’, ‘The Diet Song’ and later ‘Catch me when I fall’. For the video for ‘Catch me when I fall’ Cynthia teamed up with UK based Zimbabwean Music Video director John Smarts. It was a great teamwork of like-minded Zimbabwean coming together on a project. Jusa Dementor, Tafadzwa Chibamu of Black Pearl PR, and Producer Rymz were part of the team on this video. ‘Catch me when I fall’ was very popular among the UK based Zimbabweans and also very popular back home on Zimbabwe PowerFM radio. In the UK the song was played in BBC1Xtra, choice FM and Kiss FM. Cynthia received several awards as a result, including A BEFTA Award (best African Female Musician), ZimAchievers Award (Best female entertained) Zim Award (Best Female). 

At this point Cynthia was now under Black Pearl Management but soon moved to Ndeipi PR as her management team under Taponeswa Mavhunga. Having worked at Universal records for 10 years in the UK, Mavhunga had a lot of experience with the UK market. Cynthia landed on many UK published articles and more appearances in the UK followed including yet another show with Sean Paul in Bristol, which, once again introduced Cynthia to a larger UK audience.


A string of collaborations followed. Jusa on “Akanaka”, “Born Champion” with Winky D, Jusa, BKay& Kazz, and several other Zimbabwean artists. She also worked with UK rappers Young Don and Scorcher on “Going In”. The “Going In” video had a fast and furious theme and was played on UK MTV base, and other UK Channels. Her song “Catch me when I fall” also ended up on UK TV. 

Cynthia began to tour with international artists such as Buster Rymz, Sean Paul which introduced her to a larger audience.

In 2009 Cynthia was booked for the Sean Paul and Akon gig in Harare. She flew to Zimbabwe specifically for the gig. With over 40 thousand in attendance, the gig held at the Harare stadium was the biggest audience Cynthia had ever sang to. 


It wasn’t long before Cynthia was noticed by Nigerian Artist Management, Now Music, home to Nigerian Megastar Tuface Indiba (African Queen Singer). CEO of Now music, Efe Omorobge, offered Cynthia a management deal. Soon after She was invited to Nigeria for the MTV Awards in 2010. While there she worked with Nigerian Artist General Pype on the reggae remix of Catch me when I fall. Before long the video, shot in the country, was hitting the Nigerian airwaves. A string of radio, TV and newspaper appearance followed. They definitely appreciated the fact that Cynthia was Zimbabwean and her music was different. After few months of promotional activity in Nigeria, Cynthia flew back to her base in London, with promise to return on tour.

In 2011 disaster struck as Cynthia’s mother, who lived back home in Zimbabwe was diagnosed with bone cancer. The illness was caught far too late and had spread to most of her bones. On getting the news, Cynthia flew back home but Enita was already in a coma. She never recovered. On 7 July 2011, Enita Charewa Chamboko she passed away. Heartbroken at the loss of her beloved mother, Cynthia began to work on a tribute album in her mother’s memory which she later named “Songs My mother Loved”. The lead single, Zuva Rimwe (or Dai Zvaibvira), describes Cynthia’s wish to have just one more day with her mom. 

“The fact that mom was already in a coma by the time I got into Zimbabwe meant I never got to really talk to her in her final days. That is why in the song I say “DAI ZVAIBVIRA, NDAIKUMBIRA ZUVA RIMWE, NDIKUUDZEI ZVIRI MUMOYO MANGU, AMAI” (If it was possible, I would ask for one more day, to tell you what’s in my heart, mother). .”The truth is, even if I got one more day, it would never be enough”. 

 In the video for ‘ Zuva Rimwe’ we see the story of a single mother who struggles to raise her children during tough times. This is what a lot of women go through and it was important to show that in the end the sacrifice mothers give are worth it when the children grow to be successful well rounded adults. 

One of my favorite memories is singing in church with mom. She really couldn’t sing but because she was so passionate about God she always sang the loudest. I decided to sing the songs she loved and those we often sang together.”

Therefore on the album are songs like “Hatina Musha Panyika” which was a big hit on radio and loved by many people. Also songs like “Mwari Muri Zuva Redu”, “Ndoda Mwari” “Ndokutenda Sei” “pfugama Unamate” and of course “catch me when I fall” which was her mom’s phone ring tone till the day she passed.

In the past Cynthia sang mainly R&B. Switching from R&B to gospel, which is the main style of the latest album; “Songs My Mother Loved” has certainly left some people confused. There are many who have been touched and really appreciate the new music. “I am a Christian, with strong faith. Gospel music has always been part of me. I can always sing for God and in this particular case singing these songs helped me through so much. As an artist, I can never say I will constrain myself to one particular style because my life is a journey and so is the music I do. If my mother were still alive today I certainly would not have recorded this album. I’ve grown so much as a person and as an artist. All these years that I’ve been singing I’ve been trying to find myself and the type of music that makes me feel more like Cynthia Mare is here and I have finally found it. Coming back home and recording in my native Shona language has been the best thing I have ever done. I will certainly continue in that direction” 


Joseph Madziyire, C.E.O of Extol Group, home to ZimPraise Choir and Sebastian Magacha, produced the album. A lot of tears were shed in the studio as Cynthia was recording the very next day after her mother’s funeral. “I was in so much pain. I felt like I couldn’t cope and I did the only thing I felt would help me deal with such pain. SINGING. If you listen closely you can here that I was crying in some of the songs. When I recorded “Ndoda Mwari” my voice was going from crying but I sang on.”

Now over a year since losing her mom, Cynthia Mare has come a long way. “I’ve moved on but I feel that I still have to finish the work I started by releasing the album and making sure people get to hear the music and the story behind it. Maybe I will help one person who is going through a tough time or maybe I will inspire someone. Either way, I have to give the music the respect of putting out for the world to hear.”

The album will be out in September 2013. Cynthia is planning an album launch where invited guests can sample the music. She already has two videos done for ‘Hatina Musha’ and ‘Zuva Rimwe’ and will have another three videos to follow from the songs ‘Ndokutenda Sei’ and ‘Pfugama Unamate’. 


Lungisani Makhalima

Lungisani Makhalima or “Sanii” as he is affectionately known by his legion of fans is undoubtedly one of the biggest names when we talk about young Zimbabwean music. Sanii Started singing at the age of 9 and has thus never looked back. His professional career kicked off in 1999.



Sanii is one of the pioneers of a Zimbabwean genre called Urban Grooves. In the media circles, Sanii is referred to as “The Godfather” primarily depicting his longevity and sustenance of his brand power in the highly competitive Zimbabwean music industry. Sanii is a highly influential young musician and was recently ranked 323nd most influential Zimbabwean under the age of 40. Aside from music, Sanii is a holder of a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Cape Town and is currently studying towards his Masters in Business Administration.



Sanii’s great unique influence is primarily driven by his musical brand power. As a musician, Sanii has been nominated for numerous awards including but not limited to, ZIMA Awards, NAMA Awards, Golden Scissors Awards just to name a few.