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StarBrite ‘cream-de-la-cream’ set for Bootcamp

By Gladys Gonda A total of 116 contestants from the thousands who auditionedin the StarBrite Season 8 auditions  managed to proceed to the show’s famed Bootcamp that is slated for Sanganyi Creek, in Banket, from

Harare auditions, a clash of the giants

By Primrose Zimano THE StarBrite Season 8 auditions first round for Harare lived up to its billing as the ‘clash of the giants’, as contestants battled to obtain a place in the second round at the City Sports Ba


2022-2023 Finals Promo

And the Winner is.... This Saturday ZTV 9PM soon after the main news. StarBrite it's your time to shine. StarBrite it's your time to shine
  Please note For those "on the go" ,  or in the Diaspora , the show will be streamed simultaneously both on the StarBrite Facebook page and YouTube tunnel. 
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StarBrite continues to evolve year after

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StarBrite is a talent search show which was born in the late 1980s before the birth of cellphones, DSTV, the internet (and its attendant social networks etc), it predates the Western popular talent shows like X Factor, UK/US Has Got Talent.